John C Sumter Jr and Michelle D Sumter


Celebrate their 25 year anniversary on January 30, 2021

John and Michelle Sumter of North Charleston, SC will celebrate their 25th anniversary on Saturday, January 30,2021.They have plans for a romantic "staycation" in Downtown Charleston. They plan to sight-see, wine and dine, and enjoy each others company.

Name of couple

John and Michelle Sumter

Date of Anniversary:

January 30, 1996

Have been married for how many years:

25 Years

They live in (city & state):

North Charleston, South Carolina

Names of Children

They are the parents of three sons, Devin R Sumter, Donovan R Sumter and Damon R Sumter all of North Charleston. Michelle also has a son, Earl C James III from a previous marriage.

Names of Grandchildren:


Names of Great-Grandchildren:


Couples hometown

North Charleston, SC