9 Wedding Photos You Don't Want to Miss

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Your photographer will take plenty of shots of the first dance, wedding cake and bouquet toss. But what about the not-obvious ones, like you alone with your beloved grandmother or your ceremony site’s majestic doors? Here are nine photos you’ll want to add to your shot list.

1. Bride’s gown hanging on a door

You found the perfect dress, and the big day to wear it is finally here! Before you put it on, have your photographer snap a few shots of one of the most memorable dresses you’ll ever wear.

“It’s a still life of a moment they’ve envisioned since they were young girls,” says Michael Kress, who owns Michael Bennett Kress Photography, in Bethesda, Maryland. “It’s part of the fantasy.”

2. Bride’s shoes

“The shoes are all about taste, choice and elegance, and they’re an extension of the dress,” says Kress. Metaphorically your shoes represent stepping into a new life, but they’re also so beautiful that they deserve to be remembered.

3. The first look

The tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other until the processional is sweetly being ignored today. Now, couples take a few minutes together right before the walk down the aisle for a quick hug and kiss, and a few declarations of love.

“As a wedding photographer, my whole goal is to find capture the emotional moments of the day, and this is a quintessential moment,” says Kress.

4. Groom watching bride walk down the aisle

Even if you had a first look, that moment he sees you walking down the aisle is worth capturing forever too. Don’t be surprised if you start getting weepy when you look at him looking at you.

5. Venue entrance

A venue’s exterior details make for a great photograph. Weathered, arched, carved or gilded, doors are a striking decorative element that needs no extra flourish — though customizing them with a wreath or your initials done in flowers is a nice touch. The doors, says Kress, are symbolic of opening and closing a new chapter in the bride’s and groom’s lives.

6. Newlyweds with their grandparents

If you love your Nonni and PopPop, ask your photographer to snap a few shots of you with them so you can always remember their joy at being part of your wedding day. Make sure your groom does the same with his grandparents.

7. Special-interest groups

Your sorority sisters haven’t all been together since graduation day but they’re planning to attend your wedding en masse – you need a group shot of this historic moment! Same goes for other not-often-together cliques like your first cousins, former coworkers and high school besties.

8. Silly siblings with the bride/groom

Growing up with your siblings was a crazy, love ‘em/hate ‘em kind of experience that you wouldn’t change for anything.

“These photos can be beautiful, but also ridiculously stupid and still work,” says Kress. Gather your sibs for a group hug and say cheese!

9. Bride and groom listening to the toasts

Funny, poignant, embarrassing, heartfelt –wedding toasts allow some of your closest family and friends to pay tribute to you both on your special day.

To remember the best moments, your photographer should take pictures of the speakers as well as your expressions as you’re listening.

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