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Your Bridal Beauty Plan

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Applying makeup is, for most women, nothing more than an everyday task. On your wedding day, however, hair and makeup decisions are no less important than the dress and shoes.

“The photos that will be taken of you on your most important day will be of your face and how happy you are,” says Kristen Lober, a professional makeup artist in Newark, Del. “You want to be the most beautiful, radiant version of yourself.”

The key to picture-perfect beauty is just that: being yourself. While some may get swept up in the idea of going all-out, the important thing is to look like you –not a face caked in product.

“Sometimes less is more,” says Morgan Blaul, a professional hair stylist and makeup artist in Chicago. “It’s all about looking and feeling your best, and not about trying to be something you are not.”

Both artists recommend choosing your best feature – cheeks, eyes or lips – and highlighting it, keeping the rest of the face more natural. “What seems to be most popular this year so far is more of a dramatic eye and a natural lip,” Lober says. Above all, both artists stress the importance of a radiant face. “Skin is really important. I love glowing, highlighted skin with nice cheek color,” Blaul says.

Beauty Budget

There’s a stylist for every budget, but Lober warns that the best deals will likely come from nonprofessionals. “Research your artist and see examples of their work, and ask what products they use,” she says.

Both experts stress the importance of staying true to your natural beauty. “Assess what you do on a normal basis and just enhance it a little bit more,” Lober says. “Never try something completely new for your wedding day.”

Blaul agrees. “With the modern bride there are no rules anymore,” she says. “The best thing you can do is be creative and personalize your look.”

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