Urban Romance


Image courtesy Katie Shuler Photography/Tessa Lyn Events

Forget barns and burlap: today’s biggest wedding trend is all about edge. This look is all about contrasting the softness of flowers, lace and greenery with sleek metals, unfinished woods and industrial spaces.

Sound like your style? Here are a few expert tips and ideas for creating the urban chic wedding of your dreams.

1. Keep It Simple

A little goes a long way for this style, says Amber Cowell, leader planner for The Love Riot in southern California. “I would keep things more clean and simple,” she advises. “Stay away from too many antiques or props because it will go more toward eclectic and kitschy versus urban. Not everything needs to be reclaimed and wood; sleek modern textures help balance this look.”

To achieve a super chic effect, stick with clean lines by pairing a translucent ghost or copper chair with an unfinished wood table with metal hardware. The reverse also works well, Cowell says, such as a high gloss table with brushed aluminum seating.

2. Mix Materials

To add interest and texture to otherwise sleek décor, Cowell recommends utilizing a variety of materials.

“For table settings and details, mixing metals is an easy way to add an industrial feel. Whether it is dull or shiny, it just adds depth and warmth,” she says. “For place settings, consider stoneware plates, white and rose gold flatware, a textured napkin – either a heavy linen, silk, or velvet to add softness.” Finally, top off your table with metal tumblers or colored glass goblets for an elegant touch.

3. Hang Edison Bulbs

These bare lighting fixtures are a must-have of industrial design. String them across a backdrop, dangle them above your tables or create a stunning chandelier for a cozy and inviting feel.

4. Stay Neutral

For the color palette, stick to cooler tones, such as blues, grays, silvers and white, to match the industrial surfaces, advises Tessa Brand, owner of Tessa Lyn Events in Santa Monica, California.

“Warmer tones like oranges, reds, champagne feel a little out of place in an industrial space,” she says. “Anything too romantic and soft will clash with the edgy and modern look.”

5. Add Angles

Continue the architectural look of your event by inserting geometric elements into your décor. Pyramid terrariums made of metal and glass, for instance, make for perfect table numbers. Or, create an altar with metal piping for a simple, yet striking place to say ‘I do.’

6. Book a Non-Traditional Venue

To truly achieve the industrial chic look, you’ll need to think outside the box when it comes to the venue. Instead of a church or hotel, look for “old buildings with wood floors, exposed ceilings or brick walls to give you that instant urban chic vibe,” says Cowell.

A neutral downtown loft space or penthouse, too, can easily be transformed with the right lighting and furniture.

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