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Modern Ways to Toast Your Wedding

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Outside-the-Box Booze

Dry wines like Champagne are actually a bad match for wedding cake, so pair yours with a luscious raspberry cordial, Ice Wine or hard cider.

Innovative Mocktails

Treat children, pregnant ladies and designated drivers to creative alcohol-free options, suggest  Chris Tanghe, master sommelier and co-owner of Elevage, a Seattle beverage consultancy. Incorporate flavorful ingredients like fresh juices, muddled fruits and herbs, infused teas and zesty ginger beer.

Keep It Personal

Serve wine, beer or artisan spirits inspired by your family’s heritage, says Toni Ketrenos, the beer and wine buyer for New Seasons Markets, a chain of Portland-Ore.-based artisan grocery stores, such as Murphy’s Stout, for example, because the bride’s grandma is from County Cork. Or simply stick to local favorites to showcase your own state, and reduce your carbon footprint!

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