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While there’s never a bad time of year to say ‘I do,’ summer does have a few advantages, such as beautiful weather, bright and vibrant colors and, of course, plenty of flower options. The warm temperatures are a double-sided sword, though; the same sun that causes flowers to sprout can also cause them to wilt.

To ensure your blooms are picture perfect for your summer wedding, here are four tips from professional florists.

1. Shop In-Season and Local

The best way to prevent droopy flowers is to pick varieties that are in season for your wedding locale and date. In Miami, Fla., for instance, florist Kathryn Parrish advises her brides at Parrish Designs to stick to flowers accustomed to the hot Southern climate. “We tend to move towards orchids and tropical flowers that will hold up better in transportation in the summer months,” she says.

Plus, local and seasonal blooms are actually more cost effective, so you’ll get more beauty and blooms for your buck. “The key is to make sure you are requesting seasonal product. We might be able to get a few peonies in August, but they are so expensive and extremely small compared to May that it is not worth it,” explains Jinger Leonard, owner and lead designer of The Flower House in Livermore, Calif.

2. Avoid Delicate Varieties

While your florist will be able to advise you regarding floral choices for your specific needs, it’s best to avoid fragile flowers.

“Hydrangea and cafe au lait dahlias are very heat sensitive. Placing those in direct sunlight will shorten their life quickly,” says Leonard. “Use sturdier florals such as roses, tea roses, pods and tougher blooms to hold up in the heat.”

Other blooms that are perfect for the summer include orchids, sunflowers, daisies and tougher dahlias varieties.

3. Consider Non-Blooms

If you’re planning an outdoor summer wedding, you can avoid the wilting flower issue altogether by using alternative decorations. Paper flowers, succulents, lanterns, vines, branches and candles, for instance, are all beautiful options that aren’t affected by the sun.

4. Give Your Flowers Extra TLC

While nothing can completely prevent your flowers from being impacted by the weather, there are a few preventive steps you can take.

“Always try to keep flowers in shade until last minute. If you are taking pictures before your wedding outside, consider having a second bouquet made as a back up, if first gets too hot during this time,” says Parrish. “Also have centerpieces created where the flowers are in direct water versus using floral foam.”

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