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What is it about the word vintage that evokes such an air of glamour and style? When used as an adjective, vintage refers to the high quality of something from a past era – from classic muscle cars to ornate chandeliers and timeless stemware.

Vintage-inspired weddings are nothing new, but continue to trend and evolve with larger wedding trends. Here’s how to craft your perfect vintage wedding.

Add modern flair to balance a vintage theme

At Modern Vintage Events in Nashville, it’s all about complementing modern weddings with a touch of vintage, explains Becca George, who runs the design studio and event planning company with longtime friend Jessie Pinson.

“It has been really fun to watch the vintage trend grow and evolve over the last few years. We have a soft spot in our hearts for vintage and love incorporating it into our weddings and events,” George says.

A few years ago, vintage weddings featured more feminine details like soft pink and floral touches and vintage china. But today, George says vintage weddings have focused more on thrifted items. When crafting a modern meets vintage wedding, Modern Vintage Events has juxtaposed concepts like sleek flatware and earthenware on guest tables with an emerald green vintage chair in the same space for a subtle “pop” of vintage.

The vintage wedding trend is so broad and shifts focus to match up with other timely wedding trends, Kate Lerman of Chicago Vintage Weddings, says. To craft the perfect mix of new and old, Lerman blends vintage elements with “whatever is ‘in’ at the moment,” like copper and jewel tones for a trendy Bohemian wedding look.

“People always want something timeless and romantic, with a sense of being rooted in the past while keeping an eye to the future,” Lerman says. “What works best is finding those touches from the past that work with a couple’s style and putting a unique, personal spin on it.”

Find vintage elements that speak to you

Catering to a couple’s specific style is an important sentiment echoed by all of our vintage wedding experts. Getting to know their clients and understanding their vision for the big day is a key to planning the perfect vintage-inspired wedding, says Liz Fisher, a senior coordinator with event planning company Ira & Lucy.

The Nampa, Idaho-based company, owned by Heidi Elizabeth Wight, started off as a vintage rentals company before evolving into a full-service event planning and design business. While brides are often focused on all the details, Ira & Lucy has found that it's best to highlight a few standalone vintage pieces.

“Even the smallest details can provide that vintage feel; down to the style of chairs, linen and even stemware for each table setting,” Fisher says. “We have found that it’s important to keep in mind that each couple is truly unique and try to add their own vintage flair that has a personal meaning; whether it is with their rings, floral arrangements or a special getaway car.”

Modern Vintage Events agrees that choosing elements that really connect with the couple can enhance the wedding’s overall theme.

“I think the key is to look for the unique things each couple gravitates toward,” co-owner George says.
Fine-tune the details

Looking for specific vintage wedding inspiration? Here are some favorite decor ideas from the experts.

• Tufted, velvet furniture and fine china; blue and white china dishes; gold flatware; mismatched vintage flatware; and vintage lounges. (Chicago Vintage Weddings)
• A vintage dresser to display items like desserts or cakes; wooden doors as the entryway into the ceremony; brass candlesticks on tables. (Ira & Lucy)
• Vintage dresses with ornate sleeves and beading; a simple wedding dress accessorized with a faux shrug or lace bolero; brass candlesticks with tapered candles; edison bulbs and vintage chandeliers; mercury glass and milk glass on tablescapes; vintage library cards and books on tables. (Modern Vintage Events)

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