The guest’s summer wedding survival guide

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Do take the heat into account with your attire

Ladies – look for breezy dresses, ideally made from silk or other natural, breathable fibers. Megan Clark, owner of Seattle-based Clutch Events, likes trending summer colors, such as peach, turquoise and neons. She also recommends going with a cute, casual updo to keep your hair off your neck.

As for the fellas, “make sure to wear a fresh, crisp shirt under your suit in case you need to shed your jacket during the ceremony,” Clark says. Cotton suits (try khaki, light gray or seersucker) will be the most comfortable. Men also can bring a handkerchief to stylishly wipe their brow, says Wendy Wyne, founder of Fête Studio, Richmond, Virginia.

Do consider your makeup

Wyne advises using beauty products that will stand up to the elements, like humidity-resistant hair products, waterproof eyeliner and mascara, and a primer to keep your makeup from melting. And don’t forget to carry blotting papers in your clutch.

Do wear sunscreen

You can burn in less than 15 minutes, which will make it less fun to do everything from pose in pictures to indulge at the bar.

Do drink up (water, that is)

Down extra water from start to finish, Clark says. It will help keep you cool and prevent dehydration, which is sped up by consuming alcohol in hot weather.

Don’t wear inappropriate footwear

Grass, gravel and sand do not get along with stilettos. Clark suggests swapping out the spikes for wedges (chic sandals or ballerina flats may also be a good fit), or bring along some heel protectors.

Don’t forget a ‘cool off’ backup plan

“Ladies, a simple swipe of deodorant on your thighs will keep them from sticking,” says Clark. “And guys, pack a fresh undershirt in case you need to freshen up between dinner and dancing.”

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