The Newlywed's Name-Change Checklist

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Everybody knows your name ... till you change it (if you do). To get them up to speed, here’s a checklist for all the places and things to put on your name-change radar.


• Social Security card
• Driver’s license
• Passport
• W-4/Employer documents
• Voter registration
• Mortgage/rental lease
• Legal deeds


• Bank accounts
• Stock/brokerage/retirement accounts
• E-mail accounts
• Online profiles and shopping accounts
• Student loans


• U.S. Postal Service
• Internal Revenue Service


• Gym
• Library
• Museum, symphony, other civic institutions
• Alumni associations
• Magazine subscriptions
• Netflix

Service Providers

• Dentist
• Doctors
• Cable and utility companies

Remember To Have On-Hand

• An original marriage certificate (order a few extras from the get-go). Government offices and many banks require this.
• A copy of your birth certificate
• A photo ID with your maiden name
• If applicable, a divorce decree

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