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If nothing will make you happier than a mermaid-themed wedding, tastefully and tactfully done, then bring on the happiness. Your dream day can come true with these festive ideas and tips for an underwater adventure that won't go overboard.

Pick a mermaid-ish place

Of course, your guests know mermaids aren't real, but Jenifer Stackpole Gay, owner of Blue Flamingo Weddings in southwest Florida suggests choosing a venue that makes mermaids seem more plausible.

Aquariums or outdoor venues near a beach or body of water make the most sense. "Because these venues are already very aquatic, they require less decor to create the correct atmosphere," Gay says.

If a more traditional venue, like a banquet hall, is in order, Gay says incorporate uplighting to create a cool underwater effect in that space. "Use aqua and green colored linens rather than white or black. Use underwater flora centerpieces that are sparkly and make guests think of places where mermaids would live," she notes.

Swim in mermaid decor

Give your guests a taste of your day from the get-go with mermaid-themed save the dates and invitations.

Once they arrive at your wedding, keep it going with matching programs and place cards. Rather than paper place cards, though, consider utilizing treasure map escort cards or seashells.

"There are some talented calligraphers out there who have done calligraphy on shells and it definitely adds class to the whole wedding," says Joanna Kwok, co-founder and principal planner at Honour and Blessing Events in Vancouver, Canada.

Pearls can also add elegance, adds Kwok. "The bride doesn't have to use actual pearls, but items with pearl details or colors, such as the pearl color or pearl pink, will add a nice touch to the mermaid theme," she says.

Have fun with your tables, too. Fishing nets or mermaid scale overlays add charm as do themed centerpieces, such as an octopus figure, treasure chest, ship, or an oyster with a pearl in it, says Gay. Napkin holders with an ocean twist add extra detail too.

Serve festive food

The cake is a place where you can sail away with mermaid details. From a sandcastle made out of frosting to a mermaid cake topper, options abound. If cake isn't your thing, Gay suggests a cookie bar with nautical images made out of icing. If you're going with a dessert bar, decorate the table with pearls, seashells and little mermaid figurines.

Don't forget about the main course. Serving seafood as part of the meal will certainly get your guests in a aquatic mood, as will tropical drinks or a mermaid swimming in the punch bowl.

Dress the part

Well, sort of. You still want to be able to walk down the aisle and move on the dance floor. Consider a classic mermaid-cut gown is obviously on theme. But, if form-fitted gowns aren’t your style, look for a dress with hints of sea green to mimic ocean waves, suggests Kwok.

No matter the style of the dress, you can always rock mermaid-inspired hair. Ask your stylist to make it wavy or add wavy extensions into your hair. Also, accessorize as much as you desire with pearls and other jewelry that fit your overall look.

To top it all off, Gay suggests including a small mermaid figurine tucked within your bridal bouquet. "Just not too many," she warns. "Or it ruins the look."

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