60-Second Etiquette: The Registry and the Toasts

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DON’T abuse the registry

Compiling a thoughtful and diverse registry is a gift to both you and your guests, says Laurie Arons, a wedding planner and founder of San Francisco-based Laurie Arons Special Events. She advises picking at least two stores with items (especially life-lasting things like silver, china or crystal) at a variety of price points. “Don’t use it as a chance to get exorbitant or inappropriate things, and remember that it’s never OK to ask for cash,” Arons says. It’s also never OK to put your registry details on the invitation; spread the info word-of-mouth or put it on your wedding website.

DON’T drink when people are toasting you

With all the pre-wedding events (engagement parties, showers, the rehearsal, etc.), there will likely be numerous toasts – and it’s a common misconception that everyone – you included – should raise a glass. When the toast is in your honor, you’re not supposed to take a sip yourself, says Arons. (Joining in is like singing “Happy birthday to me!”) Instead, stay seated with a smile, and then politely thank the toaster for the kind words.


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