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4 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Party

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You can cram into a too-small limo, stumble through your vows and even enjoy a too-well-done steak – at the end of the day, you’re going to remember the fun you had at your wedding and not a few minor details. But when it comes to the music, you don’t want to make any concessions.

Your DJ will be the arbiter of your party, single-handedly making the decisions that bring out the craziest, funniest and romantic best in you and your guests at your reception.

You want to ensure a night of great music and great memories. So, as with all vendors, ask the right questions and make sure you are a good match before you commit.

Here are some things to keep in mind when meeting with your potential DJ.

The Vibe

When you walk into the office, are you at an office or at someone’s home? How do you feel? Is the meeting friendly, or transactional? Do they take the time to get to know you and your fiancé as a couple, or just dive into the package options? Do they ask about your music tastes? The difference between feeling like a client and feeling like another customer is important, and it may be indicative of the service you’ll be provided.

The Playlist

The DJ may have all the songs you want to hear in his catalog, but how are you going to convey that to him? Is there an online song-management system? Forms to fill out? What is the deadline to have your requests submitted? If desired songs are not available, will the DJ obtain them?

The Equipment

Take a listening test. Ask what grade of speakers and subwoofers they have and if they have backups, if need be. See how their DJ system works for queuing up songs, fading them in and out and changing the song.

Packages & Paperwork

Be sure to review all sound package options – including the services, number of hours, prices and payment schedule. When you’ve found the service that meets your needs, like every vendor, be sure to sign the contract and get a copy. All that’s left to do is dance.

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