Honeymoon Cocktail Hour: 5 DIY In-Flight Cocktails


There are lots of things to remember to pack before your honeymoon. SPF. Sunglasses. (You're going somewhere warm, right?). And there always are a few last-minute purcahses in the airport terminal before you leave, like some magazines or the SPF you forgot to pack.

What you might not think to pack or grab last-minute at the airport, though, is cocktail ingredients, but maybe you should.

GQ asked five bartenders to put a unique spin on some classic cocktails, upgrading the in-flight drink, by combining both items you can get via the plane's beverage cart with a few either brought from home or foraged from the terminal. The result is a handful of creative drinks you can DIY with ease.

Think of it as a cocktail hour for your honeymoon.


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