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Who Needs Sleep? You!

Find out just how important proper snoozing is to cruising through both the planning process for your wedding, and the big day itself


5 Do’s and Don’ts Right After Your Engagement

He popped the question and you said ‘Yes!’ So, now what?


Merry & Bright

A winter wedding doesn’t mean saying goodbye to flowers. Check out these expert tips for beautiful – and seasonal – floral.


Pre-Registering for Gifts

Before you go scan-happy in the store, give your home a solid assessment and decide both what you really need and what you really want


Balance of Power

You’ve compromised on the reception location, the color scheme and the band, but you just can’t agree on how many attendants to have at their wedding. Here’s how to play the numbers game if this happens to you


Illuminating Receptions

Lighting is one of the most important elements for a gorgeous party. Here’s how to make your table shine


Gorgeous Geodes

Plan a wedding that rocks with these crystal and geode details for every aspect of your big day


How to Plan a Wedding with Mom and Not Lose Your Mind

5 tips to keep your sanity – and your relationship – intact while making wedding plans with your mother


Behind the Scenes with Photo/Video Pros

2 top wedding-industry professionals fill you in on exactly what services you’re paying for


The Tales Behind Wedding Traditions

Ever wonder where all those traditions came from? Here’s a closer look at the stories behind them

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